Software, hardware, automotive engineering

About N2OP

I stay busy by trying to learn new things every day. Fluent in PHP, AngularJS/javascript, HTML, (MY)SQL, MongoDB, English and working on Node, Swift, and Java. I like new challenges and changing scenery. I do full stack, front end, back end, hardware and software layers. I think its important to know the full concept of what you work on.

Hardware Technologies we are currently using: Leap Motion Dev, Amazon Echo Dev, Wink Hub, Raspberry PI, Trickflow Twisted Wedge (SBF), Probe forged short block, Automatic, Carbon PrePreg.

N2OP is a made up 4 character word that was first used because of its small size. It can also mean Nitrous oxide/paraffin which can be used as a rocket engine.

This is a bootstrap theme, I took the pictures used on this site.

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